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Easter Eggstravaganza - Saturday 8th April

Join us from 10am at the Hopeman Park and Pavilion!

This is a free family event to be held at Hopeman Park and Pavilion on Saturday 8th of April starting at 10am.

It's the first Easter Eggstravaganza in 4 years as we've previously had to cancel the event due to the pandemic. It's a very much loved event of ours - for the church and the village! - and we are delighted to return this year. We love having this opportunity to meet and play with the children and families of Hopeman in this way and show how much the community means to Hopeman Baptist Church.

We invite all children and their families to join us for an Egg Dash, where they will run on to the field to collect as many easter eggs as they can. Then we will have other activities such as an Egg and Spoon race, an Easter themed bean bag toss, an inflatable bumper game, and more!

We will also have teas, coffees, and some snacks for the families in attendance as well.

Please be there as close to 10am as possible. Once the whistle is blown for the Egg Dash to start, the easter eggs all get collected within a few minutes! We would ask that you bring an easter basket or any type of bag to collect your easter eggs, and then to take home your sweeties and prizes.

Donations are very much appreciated! Thank you for your continued support of Hopeman Baptist Church.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us by email, Facebook, or Instagram.


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